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samedi, janvier 26, 2008

"B" for Butterfly

A butterfly on a Buddleia
Butterfly...A pleasant word to a french ear:It seems a joke:"A fly as soft as butter !"
Buddle, a botanist, gave his surname to this fragrent shrub which attracts these beautiful insects .
Coloured or white, butterflies are
Described as
Ephemeral, they look like
Flowers of
Gardenia, petals of roses in japanese

But they are also the picture of soul...

(Miss Yves )

Arakida Moritaké (1473-1549)
"Une fleur tombée

A sa branche je la vois revenir:
C'est un papillon!"

Bashô (1644-1694)
"Sans devenir un papillon

Ah la chenille
Qui voit passer l'automne!"

La nonne Enomoto Seifu (1732-1814)"Le papillon est vieux
Mais son âme sur les chrysanthèmes

Anthologie de la poésie japonaise classique-NRF-Poésie/Gallimard

22 commentaires:

  1. A Beautiful picture of a Butterfly!

  2. Beautiful Butterfly on the Buddleia, that attracts butterflies. :)
    Nice and creative post.

  3. No french here but papillon is great and better than sommerfugl as in Norwegian

  4. In French the buddleia is also called the butterfly tree.

  5. Oooooooooooooooh! You are very clever to use all those "B's"

    Pleased to meet you.
    I have just posted my first ABC picture.

    Edmund (the explorer) Nesbitt

  6. I have a similar photo .. butterfly bushes are just beautiful as are the butterflies they attract

  7. AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww spring will be here soon...lovely picture...

    Great idea highlighting the "B" letters, quite clever

  8. Hi Photgraff,
    Nice to show butteflies they are so short in life and so great to see.

    BTW why is your name Mr Linky?

    See on my blog, what I made (the first time) for ABC wednesday,I made music combined with photography

    Greetings from JoAnn Holland

  9. Nice shot! I have a yellow butterfly bush and the bees love it too.

  10. a beautiful butterfly on a buddleia
    welcome to ABCW

  11. What a lovely picture. Butterflies love Budleia, don't they?

  12. Great choice for B! I almost didn't click on you name since it said Mr. Linky where you are supposed to add yours. . . Ü

  13. Summerdreams!
    Nice shot!

  14. Interesting that you chose "butterfly" because my favourite word in French is le papillon! All my students knew it was my favourite word and they would always say it for me. My first time over here and hope to return. You are welcome chez moi, aussi. :D

  15. I love all the colors in your type.

  16. Beautiful butterfly photo!

  17. I love butterflies there so graceful

  18. Beautiful picture...and Beautiful post!

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  19. Ok, Joann Holland,Leslie and kerri for a visit on your blogs
    I 'm slow to write and answer.
    (And I'forgot to note my name ...Sorry )
    miss Yves

  20. That is a lovely blossom and a lovely butterfly. I wish I knew my butterflies better.