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vendredi, février 26, 2010

Abstraction lyrique.

7 commentaires:

  1. Matin espoir
    détresse du soir?

  2. Beau ciel d'orage. Il me rappelle mon histoire du jour sur Twitter:

    "Today’s clouds are fomenting, all grumble and muttered threats. Fire and pitchforks might be in the future. A few are grabbing stones.

    Most mimosa trees cower, looking a little fluorescent in the threatening light. One single individual stands proud, shaking its limbs.

    Vehement gestures, an anger ballet. Is it arranging those clouds? Egging them on? “Come on! Do your worse! See if I care! Piiisseeers!”

    Clouds do hate it when called “pissers”. They can’t really help it if they can’t hold their bladders. No diapers for them. A few drops fall.

    But maybe the tree isn’t provoking them at all. Maybe it’s joined their angry crowd – Stockholm syndrome? – It’s forgotten its earthly ties.

    All this yellow fluff. Yes, it looks like tiny yellow sheep grazing the sky. Perhaps it just wants to fly away and ride with the horde?

    The clouds frown and seethe. The tortoise shell cat laying in the middle of the road couldn’t care less. Winds ruffle her fur a bit."

  3. Des ciels qui pensent
    Des ciels qui dansent
    Ciel c'est l'heure de ma douche!

  4. Ominous ...and beautiful!

  5. And what a beautiful header! Brilliant!

  6. C'est si beau de se promener dans cette neige magique je trouve
    Bon samedi